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Sun & Celosia

Sunflower Festival September 15-16

Come pick your own flowers and enjoy good food, music, and company!

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Field is on Shiloh Just South of Grand Avenue 

Parking will be a clearly marked field just South of the sunflower field

Before the fun starts

A few rules...

~ Please bring your own buckets with some water and snips! 

~ Be cautious and wear good shoes, the ground is uneven

~ Please stay within the marked areas for your safety

~ We are not responsible for any damage to personal property or lost/stolen goods

~ No smoking or pets allowed

~ Please be respectful of the property and stay off the hay bales 

~ Sunflowers are limited; first come first serve


Sunflower Festival Tickets

Save money and buy your tickets here! (price increases at the gate)

No upcoming events at the moment

*1 pass includes 5 sunflowers (while supplies last)
*kids 5 and under are free and can pick 2 free flowers


Photography Session


Hire a photographer and rent the field for an hour! (photography not included)

Please only book antytime between September 5th-14th!

This field was made possible by

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Billings, Montana

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