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Our Favorite Photographers

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Christine Clair, Photographer

Christine Clair, Photographer, focuses on storytelling and bringing out the true beauty in her clients. She focuses on making her clients feel at ease rather than pressuring them to appear flawless, encouraging them to embrace their authenticity, even when life isn't picture-perfect. By taking the time to understand her clients and centering each session around their stories, Christine genuinely captures the essence of their families. This authentic approach, and her true-to-life, colorful editing style, result in photos that reflect real emotions and personalities. Christine creates a positive and enjoyable experience for her clients, making the process relaxed and uplifting. She believes that every moment, regardless of the challenges or stages of life, is a valuable part of one's life story and is worth documenting. Her motto is: "Your story is art, and your home should be filled with the artwork of your life.” 

Book a session out at the field with Christine on her website!


Miranda Murdock Photography

Miranda Murdock, born and raised in Billings, Montana, finds joy in capturing life's moments under the Big Sky and beyond. Married to her high school sweetheart for 20 years, they are proud parents to four children. Since 2011, Miranda has pursued her passion through her photography business, specializing in weddings, seniors, families, and newborns.  Her favorite part of her job lies in the relationships she builds with her clients.  She loves photographing all moments big or small for them, year after year.

Book a session out at the field with Miranda on her website!


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